Business Class Website Hosting
Easier for you. Faster for your visitors.

It’s the best of both worlds – the amped-up power of a Virtual Private Server, but with an easy-to-use control panel that doesn’t require a degree in Computer Science to operate. Your visitors expect quick website loads, so go with the best hosting service built for the speed and security your visitors expect.

Run your website right, with business class web hosting from Deckard & Company

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Business Class Web Hosting Packages

We understand the frustrations in the world of website hosting. There are so many companies out there boasting that their web hosting service is the best. Well let us tell you they are all pretty much the same. The cheap hosting service puts you on a server with so many other people, so one bad apple messes it up for everyone (like one of our clients whose shared IP address was blacklisted by Google). With our Business Class Hosting services, you get the power, scalability, and speed of a VPS (Virtual Private Server), without needing to hire an IT pro.

Why you need Business Hosting?
This is the only hosting we recommend to our clients!

Ultra fast.

Get the super-fast speed you're looking for with dedicated CPU and RAM, as well as the processing and memory resources that power fast sites.

Super simple.

No technical skills required here. We’ve built our control panel for regular people who just happen to need ridiculously powerful hosting.

Fiercely secure.

In addition to multiple layers of server-level security, each of our plans include a free SSL Certificate to keep your visitors’ data safe.

Why wouldn't you choose Business Hosting?

Starting at less than $30 per month for unlimited websites and a standard SSL Certificate, Business Class Hosting is, by far, the best hosting service for companies who are serious about their business and their clients. We know that’s YOU!