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Google Reviews Matter - in Bradenton and Beyond!
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Google Reviews Matter – in Bradenton and Beyond!

“How are we doing? Rate us on a scale of 1-5. Leave additional comments on the back of this card. Give this card back to your server for a free appetizer!”

Oh yeah, we’ve come a long way since tabletop customer surveys and paper comment cards.

But client reviews are actually more important than ever! Nowadays, you don’t even need a pen and paper. Online reviews are arguably the simplest, most positive snapshot of your Bradenton company. Potential clients search for the kinds of goods and services you provide, and boom, it’s right there on their screen:

Bradenton Business Specializing in Pure Awesomeness Customer rating:


And just like so many things online, Google does online reviews best. And, more importantly, Google does online reviews everywhere.

A positive Google review can be exponentially more valuable to your Bradenton business than any kind of paid advertising. And customer reviews on Google don’t cost you a dime.

Your Bradenton marketing agency can make Google reviews easy for you.

What is a Google review?

Google reviews provide both a simple rating system (five stars) as well as an opportunity for customers to elaborate on their experiences and even share pictures.

When people search Google, the results page will include snippets of Google reviews for matching Bradenton companies and locations. Those snippets will include the total average of stars (out of five) and even a quote from a review.

How can a customer leave a Google review?

This is where your Bradenton boutique marketing agency springs into action. We can create a customized Google review site for your Bradenton company. It will pop up with a little box that says “Bradenton Business Specializing in Awesomeness” [ie Your Bradenton Company Name], a simple five-star graphic for people to rate your company, a basic text box for them to enter their thoughts, and even a place for them to add their own photos to the review.

All they need is a Google account. Most people already have a Google account and are signed in all the time. For instance, if you have a Gmail address, use the Google Chrome web browser, or frequent any of the other ubiquitous online Google resources, you’re probably signed into your Google account as you read this.*

*Facebook also offers an online review option, which works almost identically to Google reviews. It is just as easy for us to set up Facebook online reviews for your Bradenton company. In fact, we can set it up so that visitors to your website see both Facebook and Google reviews all at once.

Why do Bradenton Google reviews matter to Bradenton businesses?

Bradenton customers searching online for Bradenton services will see Bradenton reviews. Easy as that.

Moreover, Bradenton customers trust their friends and neighbors more than any other source on the internet.

Because Google reviews are free for everyone, and they let people express themselves in their own voice, with their own photos, every one of your clients is a potential “influencer” for your Bradenton brand. They can explain their experience in their own words, giving other potential customers invaluable, firsthand insight into your company.

A “review” quote on your website or your social media could’ve come from anywhere. Everyone knows that a Google review has gone through a third party—and not just any third party, but one of the biggest consumer brands in the universe.

How can Bradenton businesses encourage their customers to leave five-star Google reviews?

Well, that’s easy! Just give us the word! Your friendly Bradenton boutique marketing team has all kinds of easy, no-pressure ways to encourage your Bradenton customers to leave Google reviews.

We can set up a one-click Google review link on your home page, your website footer (which usually appears on every page of your site), your menu bar, and pretty much anywhere else on your website.

That simple link will just say, for instance, “Leave us a review!”

How many customers will leave a review?

And as with anything in the marketing world, the key to accumulating online reviews is long-term, consistent messaging. Leaving a Google review is very, very easy. It should take most people 30 seconds, max. (Maybe a little more if they’d like to compose an ode to your Bradenton business—but that’s up to them!)

Still, not everyone will leave a review. That’s why we want to put the message and link on your Bradenton website so that everyone will see it there, every time. The more people who see it, the more reviews you’ll get.

And that’s it! After we set up the Google review link, we just kick back and watch the stars roll in.

Brian Deckard is a highly rated WordPress website designer & developer in Bradenton, Florida
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