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Build, Manage & Market that 5-Star Reputation!

Today the way our customers, clients and so on find us and then make the decision to buy from us has changed. The power of your business or organizations online reputation is huge and has a very large impact on the behavior of your visitor or customers decision to give you their business. Your online reputation is so important today that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing list your reviews on search queries (SERPs). We are here to help you build, manage and market that 5-star reputation!

Reputation Management, Visibility Marketing, Local Search Directory Management, and Reputation Marketing, Bradenton, Sarasota Agency Deckard & Company can help.

So, what do we do?

We provide the right tools to protect & build your reputation!

Our reputation marketing services are the most complete and trusted online reputation marketing platform on the market today. In today’s crowded business market, companies both large and small are competing more than ever to deliver their message. As companies launch all kinds of advertising and marketing campaigns to lure consumers, it becomes more apparent that their reputation matters and is very important to consumers and to those search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Our reputation management platform includes:

Review Capture System

Our reputation management platform comes complete with a review capture system. How does it work? It all starts when you or your business completes that transaction or you have an interaction with your customer or client. You simply enter their name and email and or phone number into the system, which then prompts your customer or client to leave a stellar review using your micro-site built to collect reviews. Once they do that, they can then do a public review on review sites like Google, Facebook or Yelp!

Claim & Monitor Those Review Websites

In today's search engine world, to be successful with any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you need to claim your business listing on a number of major and important directories and review websites to ensure a consistent message and the successful branding of your business. The best part of our reputation management platform is that we can direct your customers or clients to leave a review on the sites that we claim. We will also make sure we add those review websites to our monitoring service so that you will get instant notification when a review is posted!

Instant Notification About Reviews

With our reputation management & marketing system, we monitor those review websites across the internet, and it will notify you instantly by email or text message when a review has been left.

It is so very important to respond as soon as possible to a negative review to resolve an issue and even convert that negative review into a positive review. If nothing else, you can use that negative review to assist your staff with in-house issues and fix them.

Review Marketing System

When our reputation management platform captures a positive review, you can have it sent automatically or manually to your social channels. We want all your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others to know just how wonderful your business is and the success that comes with those positive reviews.

A great search engine optimization (SEO) tip here is that social channels are indexed by search engines like Google, giving you that added benefit!

Training for your Staff

With our system, you will get onsite training for your staff, so that they can understand the importance of maintaining a healthy online reputation. We will walk them through the whole process, and there are even training videos for all to view from within the system.

Dedicated Account Manager

We strive to be the premier boutique marketing agency on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast. We will assign you an account manager so that you will never feel alone in the world of marketing your business or organization.

Your account manager will obtain the import business details, logo, phone number and any other important information to ensure that you get all the benefits of our wonderful reputation management & marketing platform!

Fantastic Results

The reputation marketing & management platform by Deckard & Company can generate a fantastic number of reviews. If you use the platform and manage it, you can expect to receive 20 to 40 reviews in a 12 month period (of course this depends on your business volume and dedication)!

Online business reputation management platform by Deckard & Company of Florida, a Boutique Marketing Agency based in Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa

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