Website management services/webmaster services

What is website management?

Website management is defined as replacing images and text in the content areas of the website, creating/deleting email accounts, and anything that can be done through an administration panel. Website management and updates are crucial to the success of your site and business. It is important to update the content and information on a regular basis to keep your website fresh and give your visitors and clients something new to see. If your website never changes, why would someone want to come back to view it again? Deckard & Company offers you several great website management packages even if we didn’t create your site for you. Our management packages allow you to concentrate on your business while we take care of website updates for you.

Included in website management

  • Website security!

    Our website management comes with the added security. Secure your website from malware, viruses, hacking, and Denial of Service attempts.

  • Free SSL Certificate

    Our website management comes with the added security of a free secure socket layer or SSL certificate. Secure your website for your visitors and make Google happy in the process.

  • Daily Website Backups

    Rest assured we have our clients best interest at heart. We perform daily backups of their website, so that if something was to happen, we have them covered! 

  • Updating content, announcements, articles, etc.

    Your website needs to stay current with news and information. Keep it interesting for your clients, customers and visitors to want to come back for more!

  • Uploading new images, replacing old images, image manipulation

    Keep your images and graphics up to date. You do not want a client, customer or a visitor to leave your website due to old outdated pictures.

  • Updating shopping cart products

    We keep your shopping cart running smoothly and part of that means keeping your products up to date. We add, edit or delete your items if needed.

  • Modifying web pages

    This includes adding, removing, redesigning your websites pages.

  • Uploading & pdf creation

    We can make sure all your downloadable forms are in pdf form. We will also take your form and turn it into a pdf for your website.

  • Creating/deleting email accounts

    This includes adding, editing, and deleting emails. Also, includes anything that can be done through an administration panel.

  • Updating CMS applications

    All CMS application like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke and so on needs to be updated periodically to stay up to date and safe.

Our website management service

Are you interested in securing your website and adding our wonderful website management service?


We wrap all these wonderful services together in one convenient package. You get all of this for only $160.00 per month!

Email account management

Plug in to your email from anywhere. Includes 10 email addresses and unlimited storage. If you need more addresses, we have you covered. This service starts at only $40.00 per year – business class email at an affordable price for everyone. Email plans automatically renew each year. We will invoice you approximately one month in advance to notify and bill you. This is a non-refundable annual fee.

Website hosting service

Hosting is what makes it possible for others to view your website on the internet. Without hosting, you’re the only one who will ever get a look. If all you need is a hosting provider, we can help you. We offer three fantastic web hosting packages, because we understand everyone has different needs and budgets.


$96 per year

This state of the art hosting account is hosting for one website, unlimited bandwidth, 10 databases and 100 GB of storage. Perfect for start-ups!


$240 per year

Unlimited number of websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited databases, website accelerator, premium DNS, SSL certificate and malware scanner

Hosting automatically renews each year. This is a non-refundable annual fee. All of our packages come with email but you are limited on storage. We recommend an upgrade to our email account management.

Domain name registration services

Picking the right domain is huge. Look for a name that’s memorable, easy to spell and fits your personal style. A domain is your key to doing business around the world – right from your office, living room or even your bed. Finding the right name is as easy as giving us a call. Tell us what you’re all about, your branding and/or message, and we’ll advise you on the domain you think you might want along with similar domains you may not have considered. Our domain name management service is simple, straightforward and affordable. Our domain names start at just $15 per year.

Go and manage your services!

If you want, you can manage your own account and order services like website hosting, domain name registration, business class email, and so much more. You can even build your own website using our website builder. Don’t have an account, no problem, you can create one with ease. We are here to help you every step of the way.