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How Digital Advertising Reaches the Right Audience

How Digital Advertising Reaches the Right Audience

How many ads do you see/hear a day? Between social media, search engines and other websites, television and radio, online games, newspapers and magazines, billboards and vehicle wraps and junk mail, oh my. What do you think? 500? 800? A 2017 Forbes article estimated that “most Americans” are exposed to as many as 10,000 advertisements a day. Given how much our screens have become a part of ...
What responsive website design does for you and your business

What Responsive Design Does for You

Websites are no longer bound by rigid standard screen sizes and desktop computers. The proliferation of “smart” devices—and the vast variety of ways those devices are used by various demographics—means your website has to work not just for PCs, but also smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, home assistants, game consoles and all of the new devices that are just around the corner.If your website ...
To be a successful small business, you need to be easily accessible by either phone or email.

Be There For Your Customers

Here at Deckard & Company, we work with a lot of small businesses to create efficient, manageable websites with hyper-competitive SEO, user-friendly interfaces and an overall web presence that attracts customers while communicating a sense of relationship-based business service. After all, relationships are at the heart of small businesses—even when you’re communicating via the internet.Small businesses offer their clientele a sort of “professional agility,” whereby ...
Get your press release today, Deckard & Company can help you with the power of media coverage

The Power of Media Coverage

Advertising and search-engine optimization are major ways to put your company’s name in front of prospective clients. But unpaid editorial coverage, while outside of your direct control, can also provide invaluable exposure for your business.News organizations, especially ones focused on your area, are always on the lookout for legitimate, timely information to pass onto their audience.Beware of shortcuts. When dealing with professional, legitimate and ethical ...
The Latest, Greatest Tools for Your Site Part 2: Back-end Bonuses

The Latest, Greatest Tools for Your Site Part 2: Back-end Bonuses

Part 2: Back-end BonusesThe internet evolves so quickly, you might not even know about all the things you can do with your website these days. In part 1 of this blog, we looked at ways to improve user experiences on your website. Now, in part 2, we’re looking at online tools that make your life better as a business owner.Brian Deckard Website DesignerEmail Address Encoder (Plugin)Doing ...
Website design and development is all about the user experience and ease of use.

The Latest, Greatest Web Tools for Your Site, Part 1

Part 1: User ExperienceThe internet evolves so quickly, you might not even know about all the things you can do with your website these days. In this two-part blog, we’re going to highlight some of the latest features that are available to up your internet game. First, we’re taking a look at tools to engage your visitors.Brian Deckard Website DesignerYour website provides visitors with valuable information ...
How to get the most out of your web developer or website designer

How to Get the Most Out of Your Web Developer

We’re here to help, and a big part of this process is making sure we understand what you want, what you need, and what’s going to work best for you and your business.   This is always a learning process for us. We need to know not just who you are and what your company does, but how your industry works and where you fit ...
A website re-design service by Bradenton website designer Brian Deckard and Deckard & Company, a Boutique Marketing Agency

Website Re-Imagined: Healthy Water Systems

 We got to re-imagine Healthy Water Systems online presence with a brand new website. Healthy Water Systems brings good clean water right to every tap in your house or place of business at an affordable price. Built on the WordPress platform, this website is ready to grow right alongside their company! Visit Healthy Water Systems for good clean water: healthywatersystemsllc.com
Why your business needs social media management and marketing

Why Your Company Needs Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous in today’s world. Wherever we go, we can all check Facebook and Twitter and Instagram virtually any moment from our phones. We use it to share our thoughts and experiences, to stay in contact with friends and family, to keep up with current events, and, perhaps most of all, simply to entertain ourselves and pass the time. More and more, social ...
Geo-Target your marketing, and add the important Reputation Management and Marketing to your business

Where, oh where, is your business going?

In 2015, the use of mobile devices usurped use of desktop devices. 50% of local web searches are made with a mobile device versus only 20% of local searches using a desktop device. According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. With this discovery, corporate America is currently spending in excess of $9 billion on ...


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