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WordPress website design agency and expert Deckard & Company, a Bradenton Based Boutique Marketing Agency


With our team of dedicated professionals, it is our goal to help our client succeed. Our success depends on it. If they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

Brian Deckard is a WordPress Website Design & Developer in Bradenton, Florida

Brian Deckard

Designer & Developer
Corinne Deckard

Corinne Deckard

Administrative Support
Kate Holgate is Deckard & Company's Client Success Concierge

Kate Holgate

Client Success Concierge
Donna Blaney

Donna Blaney

Social Media Manager
Hannah Wallace is your Bradenton, Florida Copywriter

Hannah Wallace

Content Creator
Krystal Blais Outreach Coordinator at Deckard & Company

Krystal Blais

Outreach Coordinator