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How do potential customers see you online? Do you have a good reputation, are you listed in all the local directories out there? These are very important questions and we are here to help. We offer our clients local directory management and reputation marketing services. We have partnered up with Yext, the best in the business, and our clients can’t be happier for us to be able to give them such a great platform to help them manage the important items like reputation and local listings!

#ONLINE Curb Appeal

Online reputation, local business directories, review management, what does this even mean? Great question, and here is a short answer. Think of these services as your online curb appeal. Meaning, you want to be sure to offer a great insight to potential customers, by simply giving them great testimonials, and making sure your business or organization is on the map to be found. That is where this service shines, and coupled with SEO, you’re all set!

Get your local directory listing under control with Deckard & Company's Local Directory Management Services

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Whether you want to market products through an e-Commerce website or offer a professional, local service and need to improve your online reputation and local listings, we can help.

Online Reputation Marketing and Management by Deckard & Company, a Boutique Marketing Agency based in Bradenton, Sarasota, Florida


Local Reputation Management & Marketing

$ 130
  • Power Listings
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Generation
  • Review Response
  • Website Widgets
  • Analytics

Our Premium or Advanced Package

Local & Reputation Management

We only team up or partner up with the best. So we didn’t hesitate at all when we teamed up with Yext to offer our clients the best service software for managing their business’s online reputation and business local listings.

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Let us help you with your very important online reputation and business or organization local listings. Contact us today to learn more!