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Professional Copywriting Brings Big Value
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Brian Deckard

Well, I am an internet marketer, which includes website design & development, graphic designer, SEO strategist, social media marketer, and so much more!

Professional Copywriting Brings Big Value

Accurate, Authoritative Information

The highest-quality marketing copy doesn’t try to trick readers to buying something. People know a sales pitch when they read one.

Our copywriting services are rooted in journalistic practices, not promotional fluff. We believe in creating value for the reader.

Of course, virtually anyone can call themselves a writer. We bring more than 15 years of full-time, professional writing experience to the table. Our words have been held to high editorial standards for over a decade.

That being said, you’re the expert in your own industry. We value your input. We’re not precious or defensive about our copy. You are encouraged to voice your opinions, and together we will create the copy that suits your needs.

Grammatical Consistency

We’re not snobs about anyone else’s grammar. We just know that grammatical errors can distract the reader from your message. An innocent typo, a commonly misused word, a confusingly conjugated phrase—these things act like speed bumps in a reader’s concentration.

We don’t want to give anyone an easy excuse to dismiss your brand.

Whether it’s authoritative or casual, succinct or chummy, your brand is built around the words you use. We want to use the right ones, and use them well.

Creative Variety!

Lest we sound too serious, we like to have fun with our copy, too!

It’s easy to get in a linguistic rut when you’re working in the same industry day in and day out. Part of our job is to bring in new ideas and a fresh perspective.

In fact, we work with a variety of clients across many industries. We research and create verbiage for air conditioning repair, spa treatments, boutique gyms, medical retail, water filter installation, pool services, doctors, home inspection, and more. We get to look at the world through the lenses of these different industries, which keeps our perspective nimble.

Call it “creative cross-pollination.”

Regular Content Creation

The digital world moves at warp speed, and you need a lot of original content to keep up.

Imagine the impression you get when you go to a company’s Facebook page and see that their latest post was from a year ago. Or their most recent blog is from 2017. You’d start to wonder if that company is still in business, right? Out-of-date information will stop a lot of sales before they ever get started.

From website copy to blogs to social media, we’re able to create content for your brand on a yearly, monthly and even daily basis. This is how you stay relevant. When someone finds your website or your social media account, they will see accurate, up-to-date information.

On top of that, search engines look for new content. Google kicks websites way down the rankings when they don’t have regularly updated content. If you want people to find your business, you have to keep giving the internet something new.

Let us make that new content as compelling as it can be.

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