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Professional Copywriting for Your Online Presence
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Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace received her English degree from Stetson University and has worked for more than 12 years as a full-time writer and editor for local news, business and lifestyle publications, specializing in health, culture, cocktails and sarcasm. Simply put, our copywriter is the best in the industry!

Professional Copywriting for Your Online Presence

When it comes to digital marketing, graphics get all the glory, and back-end development makes or (literally) breaks a site. But copywriting flies under the radar, even though it’s a major tool for your entire online presence and digital marketing strategy. Here’s why.

The words on your website, in your social media posts, and dotted throughout your marketing materials often aren’t eye-catching. But that’s the whole point. They communicate. Copywriting conveys information.

People who encounter your brand shouldn’t be distracted by the words you’re using. People should be absorbing the message. That’s why Bradenton’s Deckard & Company offers professional copywriting in addition to our graphic and technical services.

Our writing services include:

Here are some of the many things your digital marketing copywriting needs to accomplish.

Clarity and Messaging

First and foremost, copywriting conveys important information. Knowing what you want to say is one thing, just like knowing what you want your website to look like. Your words can still be a long ways off from your intentions.

And even if you’re confident (or just indifferent) in your writing, you might miss a potentially disastrous misinterpretation or faux pas.

Writing a muddled marketing message is like filling your airtime with white noise: It’s confusing at best, annoying at worst, and a giant waste of your talents as a small business owner with better things to do.

Projecting Professionalism

We all judge, especially when we’re choosing a business to work with. We gauge a company’s professionalism based on what they’re putting out there.

And while appearances matter in graphics, copywriting can also “look” professional or unprofessional. Misused homophones (they’re/there/their etc.), misspelled words, inconsistent punctuation—these things can muddle your message and turn people off.

This isn’t about sucking up to grammar snobs and English major pedants. It’s about streamlining communication and winning over strangers. It’s about taking away distractions so people can see how good you really are at what you do.

Don’t Forget That All-Important SEO

…and Don’t Forget That All-Important SEO

Like we’re always saying, SEO is about content content content. Copywriting is a quick, relatively low-cost way to boost the heck out of your search-engine optimization. On top of that, copywriting (when it’s done right) fills your website and social media feed with useful information. You’re getting people to see your business, and you’re educating and engaging them in the process.

Why to Hire a Professional Copywriter

As with so many skills, copywriting can take a lot of time to do poorly.

Which is to say, you might spend two frustrating hours on a writing project, when a professional copywriter can produce it, cleanly and efficiently, in less than half that time.

Do you really want to agonize over new content, week after week, knowing you’re still not crafting the best message? Or do you want to get on with running your business, knowing your brand’s words will be well crafted?

Whether it’s web management, AC repair, or a much-needed massage, you invest in professionals because they have the experience and expertise to do a better job.

After all, that’s why people invest in your small business’s services, right? And that’s why you should invest in ours.

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