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The Latest, Greatest Tools for Your Site Part 2: Back-end Bonuses

Part 2: Back-end Bonuses

The internet evolves so quickly, you might not even know about all the things you can do with your website these days. In part 1 of this blog, we looked at ways to improve user experiences on your website. Now, in part 2, we’re looking at online tools that make your life better as a business owner.

Brian Deckard Website Designer

Brian Deckard the Owner, Designer and Developer of Deckard & Company a WordPress website design company and boutique marketing agency

Email Address Encoder (Plugin)

Doing anything on the internet, especially as a business owner, means a constant battle between making yourself available to your customers while also trying to avoid bots. You need to include your email address on your website so that people can contact you, but unless it’s encrypted, bots will quickly locate your address and inundate you with spam. Fortunately, WordPress offers this easy plugin that encodes your email address so bots can’t see it—but your customers can.

Encode your email address with this WordPress PluginAnti-Spam for WordPress is Akismet plugin

Akismet Anti-Spam (Plugin)

Spam can be a major issue on public forums, too, including the comments section of your website’s blog. People love to give public feedback and to interact with other users on your website, but spam comments—which are nonsense at best and offensive at worst, and often contain dangerous links hidden in the text—discourage people from using your site. You can try to delete them yourself, of course, but that’s a big time-consuming job. Used by millions, Askimet automatically hones in on spam comments and filters them out of the public forum, while still allowing you to privately see what’s been filtered.

Facebook pixel (Plugin & Code)

Internet advertising is a major business, and there are so many options—how do you know what’s working? Facebook’s pixel measures the effectiveness of your ads by showing you how often it’s been seen and clicked on and in what situations. And pixel even takes analytics a step further by showing you what’s happening on your own site after someone clicks on your Facebook ad. For instance, you’ll know if lots of people are clicking on your ad and then those same people are eventually buying something off of your site.

Facebook PixelGoogle Analytics

GA (Google Analytics)

Google Analytics is the gold standard in tracking and displaying internet activity. Likewise, WordPress is such a widely used and efficient hosting platform, GA can be easily installed to track user behavior over every part of your site. 

Yoast SEO (Plugin)

Search-engine optimization remains a major issue for driving users to your website from Google and other search engines. In the web developer world, we know a lot of great techniques for SEO, but performing all of them manually has become unnecessarily time-consuming—especially now that Yoast has created the first all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress sites. This plugin efficiently handles front-end and back-end SEO and all the other aspects of your site that Google is looking for.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Brian Deckard is a highly rated WordPress website designer & developer in Bradenton, Florida
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