Mobile Website Design

Have you spent a lot of money on that perfect website and you simply do not want to spend any more on developing a new mobile responsive website? Our team can design a mobile website that will take over if someone visits your site from a mobile device. It’s a great way to save some money and still have that mobile-friendly website which is a necessity in today’s marketing world.

Key Features


Thumb-Friendly Buttons Sarasota, Bradenton mobile website design companyThumb-Friendly Buttons
Bigger buttons make it easier to access information.


Click to call Sarasota, Bradenton mobile website design companyClick-To-Call
Customers can quickly contact you so you get more calls.


Mobile map with directions Sarasota, Bradenton mobile website design companyMobile Map With Directions
Step-by-step directions to your business increases in-store traffic.


Mobile analytics Sarasota, Bradenton mobile website design companyMobile Website Analytics
Keep track of customer traffic and gain insight into who is visiting your site.


Works on all mobile smartphones Sarasota, Bradenton mobile website design companyWorks on all smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile
Broad compatibility gives you the most exposure to all mobile users.




What is the difference between a regular site and a mobile-optimized site?
A regular website is usually designed for viewing on a desktop computer. When viewed on a mobile device, the user experience isn’t great. Buttons and text are smaller, navigating the site involves pinching and zooming the screen, and some elements might not work at all. A mobile-optimized site solves this problem by having thumb-friendly buttons, and access to contact information and directions in just one click.

What are the benefits of having a mobile-optimized site?
The main benefit of a mobile-optimized site is providing a great experience to your mobile users. Over 70 million Americans browse websites from their phones every month, so providing them with quick and easy access to information about your business is essential. A mobile-optimized site also helps convert mobile traffic into customers with special features like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps with Directions.

Which mobile devices are supported?
Works on all modern smartphones including iPhone, Android, most Blackberry devices, and Windows Mobile.

How do people find my mobile website?
When a user types in the URL of your regular website on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to your mobile site.

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