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Secure your Google Search Rankings
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Secure Your Google Search Rankings

You may have seen a news headline or received an email from Google talking about the new changes coming with Chrome’s latest update. The notice can leave you feeling a bit nervous about your personal and business websites and their futures in Google search results. But don’t worry. The update is a fairly easy one and I’m here to walk you through it.

By the end of January 2017, it is believed that all Google Chrome browsers will have updated to flag non-secure websites resulting in secure website receiving higher search ranking. You may have seen this notice before:

How does Google know if your site is secure?

There are two types of “languages” between web servers and end clients. These “languages” are defined as HTTP or HTTPS. Basically, HTTP is unsecured and HTTPS is secured. HTTPS adds a blanket of data security by using SSL/TSL protocols. The secure protocol encrypts the vulnerable data exchanged on that website and protects it from eavesdropping, hijacking, and theft. HTTPS also tells search engines that your site is legitimate and trustworthy.

How does this update affect you?

Do you ask members to register on your website? Do you ask for email addresses or phone numbers in a contact form? If your website collects passwords, credit card numbers or other personal data, it will be flagged if it does not have a security certificate. You may also see your search result rankings fall as other, secured websites are pushed to the top.

How do you secure your website?

To enable HTTPS on your website, you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate. This certificate will protect all vulnerable information exchanges as well as validate your website as real and legitimate. Whenever a client goes to your site to submit information, they will see “HTTPS” in the navigation bar indicating their safety to communicate with your company.


We are partnered with GoDaddy to offer our beloved clients security on a budget. SSL certificates are normally priced $69.99/year. From now until February 28th, you may purchase an SSL Certificate for $55.99/year by contacting us: 941-462-4546. Custom installation is included with purchase.

Call or email us today to secure your website.

Brian Deckard is a highly rated WordPress website designer & developer in Bradenton, Florida
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