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The power of media coverage
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Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace received her English degree from Stetson University and has worked for more than 12 years as a full-time writer and editor for local news, business and lifestyle publications, specializing in health, culture, cocktails and sarcasm. Simply put, our copywriter is the best in the industry!

The Power of Media Coverage

Advertising and search engine optimization are major ways to put your company’s name in front of prospective clients. But unpaid editorial coverage, while outside of your direct control, can also provide invaluable exposure for your business.

News organizations, especially ones focused on your area, are always on the lookout for legitimate, timely information to pass onto their audience.

Beware of shortcuts. When dealing with professional, legitimate and ethical news organizations, you cannot guarantee that you or your company will be a part of any given story. And in fact, savvy media consumers understand when coverage is paid for or otherwise achieved through illegitimate tactics. Indeed, participating in underhanded media coverage can actually be detrimental to your company’s reputation.

But you can make sure that legitimate news sources are aware of your company while positioning yourself as a transparent businessperson and industry expert. A considered, efficient approach to publicizing your company’s achievements can lead to invaluable editorial coverage.

The key is to understand what news organizations are looking for and to provide that information in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. When your company earns an award, passes a milestone, lands a major client, or otherwise makes news, a press release spreads the word and makes editorial coverage possible.

A Good Press Release

Press releases help to establish a relationship between your company and the people who report the news…

This is what we’re here for. With more than a decade of experience in local media, our staff can craft press releases that communicate your accomplishments while catering to the needs of various news organizations. We just need you to tell us what you’re up to.

Better still, press releases help to establish a relationship between your company and the people who report the news. Not only are you eager to share your company’s accomplishments, but editors will understand that you and your staff are available to be expert sources for stories or otherwise comment on emerging news. You can contribute to the public’s greater knowledge while also demonstrating your capabilities as a professional within your industry.

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