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Every business has some kind of news, and a great way to get the word out is through a press release, also referred to as a news release. Newspapers have experienced severe staff cutbacks in recent years, which makes crafting a well-written press release extremely important. Most reporters will quickly glance at a press release in their inbox and move on if it doesn’t grab their attention. If it does grab their attention, it must be well organized and free of mistakes or it will likely be passed over. “Copy and paste” is a key phrase to remember when constructing a press release. Press releases don’t have to be just for the media, however. Many businesses have news sections on their websites where they post their press releases, creating an archive of searchable content on the site. If you have something you think is newsworthy and would like to have a press release written, call on us to benefit from our 20 years of media relations experience.

Examples of Press Release Services

  • News Item Press Release

    Do you have some great news about your business, organization, or personal venture? A well-written press release can go a long way.

  • Product Press Release

    Do you have an exciting product for release? A press release written correctly will get the results you need when handing over to a news organization.

  • Event Press Release

    Do you need to promote a special event? Yes, a press release for this will help you greatly, and a professional release written perfectly is what we do for our clients.

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