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Beware of Black Hat SEO How to Avoid Malicious Practices and Get the Best Results for Your Website
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Beware of Black Hat SEO: How to Avoid Malicious Practices and Get the Best Results for Your Website

So, are you are looking at hiring an SEO professional?

Many people believe Google is the enemy, and that you need to cheat Google in order to rank well. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Google has created a search engine that is designed with one purpose: To give users the best results possible. Google does not want businesses trying to game their system by using black hat SEO tactics because it puts everyone at risk of being penalized or taken off of Google’s index altogether. In this article, we are going to go over why it is a pretty darn bad idea to hire someone that does this thing called black hat SEO, and what it can actually do to you and your business.

The Google Search Engine

Google has created a search engine that is designed with one purpose: To give users the best results possible. Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithm or Google ranking formula. Google analyzes hundreds of different factors in order to determine the best result for a specific keyword that someone types into Google’s search bar.

The black hat SEO scammer reverse engineers Google’s calculation and tries to manipulate this algorithm so they themselves can achieve the top results on Google searches for a particular keyword or phrase. Google is constantly updating its search engine algorithm to catch black hat SEO marketers and penalize them for their use of black hat methods.

Black Hat SEO is a Horrible way to do SEO, and Google will Penalize you! Do your SEO right from the Start!

The Google Penalty

If you are caught using black hat SEO, Google will penalize your website by taking it out of the Google index indefinitely until you request re-inclusion into Google’s index. Google will not tell you that your website has been penalized, so if Google is no longer indexing your site and displaying it in the Google search results for any of the keywords you are targeting, then there is a good chance Google has banned or blacklisted your domain name.

Your best recourse would be to hire an SEO expert who can help you get Google to reconsider your website for re-inclusion into Google’s index.

Google’s Google Webmaster Tools is a free service Google offers to website owners which will help you determine if Google has blacklisted your domain name.

A Google Penalty Can Hurt Your Business!

If Google deems that you are using Black hat SEO methods, they will pull out all the stops in order to make sure people do not find your site via Google. Google will do their best to make sure your site is blacklisted, and that you will not be able to recover from the Google penalty until they feel like giving your website another chance.

If Google does deem it fit for your website to be re-included into Google’s index after a Google Penalty, then there are still adverse effects Google can do to your website. Google has the ability to re-index all of your pages or limit Google’s indexing only to specific pages on your site.

Google also has the power to not link back to certain web pages on your domain name from their results page for a particular keyword you are targeting in Google searches. Google will make sure it does not link to your website for certain keywords you are trying to target, which will lead Google users who click on the Google result that do not link back to any of your web pages.

Google has powers beyond our wildest imagination when it comes to Google penalties and how they can affect or limit your business if Google deems black hat SEO methods were used on your website. Google’s goal is to give the best result possible for each keyword someone types into Google, and Google will do whatever it takes to make sure black hat SEO marketers or website owners are given the Google penalty so they cannot manipulate Google ranking or cheat users who use Google as their search engine of choice.

Trustworthy SEO Expert Advice Is Always Best!

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