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Content is so important on your website, that Google requires it for SEO
Internet Marketing

Content, Content, Content

Content is Another Service You Offer Web design isn’t a gimmick. It’s not smoke and mirrors. We want to provide genuine value to every visitor. …

How digital advertising reaches the right audience
Internet Marketing

How Digital Advertising Reaches the Right Audience

How many ads do you see/hear a day? Between social media, search engines and other websites, television and radio, online games, newspapers and magazines, billboards …

Geo-Targeting done right for your business

Where, oh where, is your business going?

In 2015, the use of mobile devices usurped use of desktop devices. 50% of local web searches are made with a mobile device versus only …

Why do I need to invest in search engine optimization or SEO
Internet Marketing

Why do I need to invest in Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Traditional Advertising Vs. Internet Marketing When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, compared to the old traditional style of advertising, like the Yellow …

How to pick the perfect domain name
Internet Marketing

How to Choose the Perfect Domain

You finally did it. You quit your day job to concentrate on opening your own business. Fantastic! One of the first things you want to …

Search Engine Optimization or SEO 101
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SEO 101

As a small business owner with a website, you have probably heard the term “SEO”. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply put, SEO increases …