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The Latest, Greatest Web Tools for Your Site, Part 1

Part 1: User Experience

The internet evolves so quickly, you might not even know about all the things you can do with your website these days. In this two-part blog, we’re going to highlight some of the latest features that are available to up your internet game. First, we’re taking a look at tools to engage your visitors.

Brian Deckard Website Designer

Brian Deckard the Owner, Designer and Developer of Deckard & Company a WordPress website design company and boutique marketing agencyUX or User Experience is all about your website design and development and ease of use for your visitor

Your website provides visitors with valuable information about your company, so that prospective clients can visit your site to find out who you are and what you do.But this isn’t just an internet billboard to stick along the side of the information superhighway and hope someone looks at it. Your website is an opportunity to engage users and interact with them.Whatever industry you’re in, and whatever jobs your company does, your website is the very first service you’ll provide to your clients. These state-of-the-art web tools ensure visitors to your site have an interesting, easy time exploring and interacting with your company’s online presence—the kind of experience that makes a lasting impression, and keeps them coming back and clicking for more.

Envira Gallery (Premium Plugin)Sometimes the scope of your products and the services you provide can best be summarized in a collection of photos. As a whole, a gallery captures an impressive array of your company’s work, while each individual picture can be scrutinized, demonstrating your attention to detail in every job. A great gallery looks neat and clean and is easy and intuitive to interact with—and as always, giving your users an easy, intuitive experience is actually a complicated job. Fortunately, Envira Gallery already has you covered. This plugin works seamlessly with your WordPress site for easy gallery access, organization and social media integration.

The Envira Gallary plugin for your WordPress website

The Envira Gallery System

VideoVideo feels like an obvious, almost default feature of today’s internet, but too many small businesses fail to take advantage of this engaging medium. Not only do videos communicate some concepts more efficiently than words or pictures, but even a brief, well-made video, easily accessible on your site’s home page, demonstrates the sort of next-level professionalism that sets your company apart.

Autoptimize (Plugin)OK, your visitors might not care about words like “aggregate” and “cache,” but what they do care about is how quickly and easily your site loads. On today’s internet, a moment’s hesitation in loading time translates to user frustration; anything longer than a moment and you’ve probably lost a visitor. And what’s the point in having loads of great web features if no one sticks around long enough for them to load? So no need to digest all the technical terminology; just know that Autoptimize does what it says: automatically optimizes your site’s performance so that all of these great tools and plugins are readily available for every visitor.

Gravity Forms (Premium Plugin)Forms are a fantastic way to get feedback and other information from your customers, but as with everything else online, they need to be straightforward and easy to navigate. Gravity. Forms provides a quick-and-easy method for creating custom forms, so you can get all of that much-needed information from your visitors.

WooCommerce (Plugin)Let’s be frank: The ultimate point of your website—indeed, pretty much anyone’s website—is to sell stuff. But buying and selling online is a complicated interaction that blends everything from product display to payment processing, and the whole process has to be impeccable, because you have to earn your customer’s trust, first and foremost. That’s why there are so many ecommerce websites out there that do nothing but handle online transactions for other companies.But rather than using a third-party to host your sales, Woo Commerce lets you keep your store on your own site. The WordPress plugin integrates all the necessary steps into a custom ecommerce transaction that only takes place between you and your customer.

WooCommerce shopping cart website design and development by Deckard & Company, a Bradenton, Sarasota based Boutique Marketing Agency

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